Forgotten Find: IU's Houhounitto

This one was also lost in my documents fro a really long time. 
Sorry for not posting it before but here it is now! :D

Last year, Go Show got IU, Suzy and Ga-in on their show all at once. Suzy wore Stylenanda, Ga-in wore Tory Burch and here's what IU wore!

The piece is from mercibeaucoup's A/W 2012 collection and is named ホウホウニット
Those weird-looking characters are katakana, a writing system of Japan for foreign words. Those weird looking characters stand for hou hou nitto in romaji.  That doesn't tell you much but I will use my detective skills. So...the sweater looks like an owl so "hou hou" is probably related to the sound an owl makes. And nitto sounds like "knit" which is what IU is wearing. 
Eureka! Now those weird-looking characters makes sense.
However, the knit is unavailable to buy online but here's some instructions provided by their site.

Credits: as tagged, mercibeaucoup

Maria :D

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