Countryside Diary (2)

Welcome again. 
Another T-ara N4, Countryside Diary post. This one is almost like that last one with two Hyomin images and one for Jiyeon.
I don't know how many N4 posts there will be but I will post about 2 or 3 images each post.

First up, these awesome rose and chain decal-ed sunglasses. These are by A-Morir and named McDowall. They are buy-able for 280$ here.

Here's something I forgot to add to the previous post with Hyomin pink attire. They are these Christian Louboutin pumps called Bianca. To purchase them go here and have 845$ ready. 

Lastly, a really low quality image. 
Here, we have the opening of the dance version of the MV. In this scene, Jiyeon wears Candy Stripper Mosh Ugd See Through Big Tank on top and Katie Eary Digi Goldfish shorts on the bottom. The mesh tank is available for 12390 Yen here and the shorts are unavailable.

Image Credits: CCM, a-morir, faketokyo, candystripper, christian louboutin

Maria :D

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