Countryside Diary (1): Bustiers

Welcome. Yesterday, T-ara's sub-unit T-ara N4 released their music videos for Countryside Diary. Here's some of the bustiers they wore, particularly Hyomin and Jiyeon.
Just something, even with the controversy, we are not biased.

The first one is the awesomely patterned yin-yang shorts and bustier Hyomin wore in the MV and promotional images.

The set is by the Australian brand, Evil Twin. It is called Chaos and Order Ying Yang Bustier while the shorts are Chaos and Order Ying Yang Shorts. They are available for 49.99$ here and 92$ here

Next, another Hyomin.

This one looks like a bustier and a skirt but is actually an one piece dress. It is by Unif and called Hellerina. Get it? You can purchase this one for 140$ here.
I don't know if Hyomin actually wears this in the music video, anyone know?

Lastly, we have Jiyeon.

What she has on is the Unif Hex Bustier in black. It is available for 12600 Yen or about 135$ here.

Credits: CCM, Evil Twin, Dollskill

Maria :D

Any thoughts on the song or music video. 
For the most part, I was confused.
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