Call me G to the D

Guest Writer: April

G-Dragon and his endless use accessories! He MUST want to make me go broke since he OBVIOUSLY knows I will buy each and every item. (Right? Ha.)

By now we probably have all seen G-Dragon and Taeyang's March Vogue Korea photos. In the photos, GD rocked a VOGUE hat that he previously wore in a Instagram photo, which was posted not too long ago. Fortunately, the hat is accessible and reasonably priced!

Grab it at Patricia for $36. (Though it seems it is now sold out.)
Or one from ebay for $35. Yeah!

Also for this post and others, I will give information on where to purchase things offline as well. I know a lot of you are planning to visit Korea, or you might even be here right now and would like to know where to find Kpop merchandise. 

Go to Myeongdong Station Light Blue Line exit 6. It's the main (&busy) exit for the Myeongdong shopping area. As you walk down the street you will pass many street vendors selling various things like cell phone cases, bootleg DVD's or HATS. Stop at one of the tables and browse their hat selections; they will have many to choose from, including the Vogue hat.

As you'll see on the map, Exit 6 is right in front of Migliore mall which
is on the main street in Myeongdong. You will walk down that street for the hat.

Last but not least GD's infamous Giyongchy twist to the iconic fashion brand Givenchy.

You can get one from Ebay for $17 or put in an order for a Giyongchy snap back from F*CK HYPE'S Facebook page.

Again, shopping mecca Myeongdong in Seoul is where you will head. But an extra gift will be purchasing it while GD gazes upon you with puppy eyes from atop BSX or the various The Saem stores surrounding you. :D

Also if you would like to create your own Giyongchy clothing, here's a great YouTube DIY on how to do it!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and.....

Don't forget to get yo CRAYON!

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