Approximate Finds: Jia, Key and Jessica

So as you guys know, it's hard finding some pieces exactly right. Kpop idols have so many haute couture connections that sometimes we don't know if something is altered from one source or just completely different. In many of these instances we don't post a find. Maybe it's because something we found seems to cheap to be for a kpop idol, or maybe something is just off.  Whatever the reason is, here are some approximate finds we've been keeping to ourselves.
This first one is another find from Miss A at Seoul Fashion Week.

Jia's bone-heeled shoes caused quite the issue for me. I'm fairly certain that her shoes were from Dsquared2, but all I could find was the number 1 version. Finally, I found number 2, which are also from Dsquared2. No buylink for number 1, but buy 2 here. Your other options are a pair from ebay (3) or some unnamed pair (4) here.

This next one is a request from key-to-jjongs-locket [I see what you did there ;)].
On the 17 March filming of Magic Concert, SHINee's Key wore a jacket similar to the Lihua Men's Galxy Jacket (pictured), which you can buy here.
Next up is SNSD's Jessica, who wore this red jacket at the airport.

This look-a-like jacket is from Stylenanda, but it's not available anymore :(. 
If you'd like more of these in the future, tell us in the comments below.

--Lauren & Eliza
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