100% For da Girls

We had a lovely reader message us on Tumblr asking about 100%'s "I'll be back" cover, video style.
While I couldn't answer her question, I found a couple other pieces of note.
~Forgive me in advance, I don't know any of their names~

1) The cute dirty blonde on the left wore a pair of pants by Boy London. I don't have a buylink for the harem pants, but here's one for the ladies' leggings with the same pattern.

2) The screaming  singing emo kid in the foreground is wearing pants similar to these ones from American Apparel. I say 'similar', because it looks like his harem pants have pockets and have a broken black band at the top (versus the band on the model that it continuous around her entire waist). 
That being said, they are close enough that I assume American Apparel once had a male version, which Mr. Emo is wearing.

Which pants do you prefer?


P.S. If you didn't catch it, the title is because I could only find women's version of the pants, which is not uncommon when it comes to the men of Kpop.

Source: youtube (linked), leavetheboyalone.com, http://callmenoona.com/ 

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