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Shinee's Dream Girl (3)

Today we have an AWESOME tip from Ilya. Did we ever say how much we love you ? ..hehe I'm a bit cheesy today. THANK YOU so much, Ilya, for your tip.

In the concept photos, Taemin wore these amazing pants from H&M, and they aren't expensive at all.
Get your own pair of Taemin pants here.

 And if you like the pattern I'm sure you'll love this dress as well .
If you want it, buy it here.

Onew also wore H&M pants at SHINee's MCoundown comeback.
Buy them here.



P.S. Sorry guys for the lack of updates but I was busy with my drivers license exam and....I passed...yey :D
It seems that lately I am the only one here and it's kinda hard to be all by myself.

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