Obvious Sponsoring: SM and Balmain Edition

Title explains it. 
This is a roundup of the clothes provided by Balmain for the 10 Corso Como Seoul Melody event. 

Of course BoA wore Balmain
She loves Balmain or her stylists do or the PR team loves her.
Her top and belt are both from Balmain's S/S 2013 line. Notice how the pattern matches. However, this no exact image of the item of clothing she is wearing. Good news, her belt is available to buy for 1635$, here.

Now on to the Girls' Generation section. Though, their collaboration was with Carven, some had on Balmain to the event.

First Tiffany, her styling is sort of like BoA's. She wears an over-sized Balmain blouse with Balmain belt to style it.  The name of the blouse is Long Silk Print Blouse and it see through. You can purchase it here for 1600 Euros, that is if you have the money. The belt is a white leather belt with the Balmain's logo on the buckle. It is purchasable here for 447$.

Last of this batch is Hyoyeon. Poor girl, she almost fell walking to pose on the carpet.
Her blazer, is quite famous already or at least in kpop. It is the Balmain Open Striped Blazer. You can buy it here for about 2500$.

Battle time!
Who wore it better?

2NE1's Dara vs SNSD's Hyoyeon


Credits: as tagged
This has been a thrilling edition 10 Corso Como x SM Entertainment Sponsorship Edition!

Maria :D
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