Mr. Bear, It's Over!

I just watched Lee Hi's new music video, and I couldn't stop staring at all the outlandish bear things! Between hats, teddy bears, and even clothing, the entire video reminded me of a trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop. Today's post is a sort of culmination of a bunch of little "Get the Look"s.

First up, Lee Hi's bear dress. The approximate dress I found is Lu Flux's Boo Boo Bear Dress, which you can buy here
Some things about this dress are not the same as the one in the video. For example, it seems as if Lee Hi bear's face is rounder, but I think the dress may have been commissioned by YG from Lu Flux.

Next up, we have a Get the Look  for one of her accessories; the fluffy white bear brooch. 
Get the look-a-like pin here (only $4).

Here we have Lee Hi's cute headband. I think her stylists made it themselves (YG stylists are so crafty!);  it has a my little pony, mushrooms, frootloops, a disco ball, and it even has M&M's. 
The look-a-like headband can be customized if you want. Buy it here for $25.

What was your favorite crazy accessory (tell us in the comments below)~?

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