Just Go

On March 7, Rania released their new MV 'Just Go'. As expected, Rania came back with a sexy concept, and I must say, no one beat them when it comes to sexy moves.
On with the fashion finds~
Jooyi is wearing the Key Chained Necklace from Stylenanda, and you can buy it here.

T-ae wore the Print Beading Frill Jk from Greedilous, and you can buy it here.
She also wore a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita in neon orange (buy them here).

While looking for finds,I came across Rania's 'Style' MV, and I watched it again, so we also have some finds from this MV. (I know the MV is kinda old but hope you don't mind).
We previously posted a find for this MV, and you can see it here.

T-ae's dress is from KTZ Spring 2012 collection but can't find it :(.
I couldn't find the exact same shoes, since it's been a while since the MV was released, but it's a combination between the two shoes listed: These flame shoes are from Prada.

Riko is wearing the Black and White Patterned Low-rise Pants from Balmain. 
Too bad that she won't promote 'Just Go' :(.

 Di wore a jacket, top and skirt from Adidas x Opening Ceremony collaboration.

She also sported this edgy silver jacket from Burberry Prorsum. 2ne1's Minzy also wore this jacket.

Which MV's fashion did you like better, "Just Go" or "Style"?

Credits: DRmusic,Burberry prorsum,Adidas,Prada,KTZ,Greendilous,Jeffrey Campbell,Stylenanda

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