Hot or Not: April Magazine Edition

Hi guys, this is a new feature brought to you by KD and Lauren. We're going to share our opinions on Kpop Fashion from the week. Welcome to the April magazine edition :).


1. G-Dragon for Allure 

Lauren: Here's a busy background done right. GD looks great in a muscle tank. And while I'm not a fan of the mass of necklace he has going on, it works. I really love the pink and blue feather in his hair, and I think the overall "whiteness" of his look does well against the rich scenery. Contrast and harmony ring key in this great shot from Allure.

KD: Overall, this shot is amazing. I think he looks amazing. Good Job, Allure, you sure know how to make girls drools over GD.

2. Miss A's Fei in 1st Look Magazine

Lauren: This picture gets an 'A' from me. Fei looks stunning in subtle way. The stylists stuck to warm colors in the clothing (and meat), which contrasted the metallic, cool feeling of the scene. There is nice balance in the picture and enough visual interest that the looker does not get bored, but not too much that to focus is drawn away from Fei. I especially appreciate her headband and her makeup. Good job, First Look.

KD: Fei looks amazing, the choice of clothing fits her perfectly, although she reminds of a mom cooking. I’m loving her on Master Chef Korea Celebrity, have you watch it yet?

3. Sistar19 for CeCi Magazine

Lauren: Let it be know that good setup and nice photography go a long way in selling a product! I really love this shot. I say I would not have put the retro hair on the girls, but the twinsies look is working with the over-sized chair and table set. This is a shot done right. My favorite fashion piece has to be Hyorin's skirt, but I also like their shoes. Overall, this is clean and stylish. 10/10 for CeCi.

KD: Sistar19, nothing much to say. I’m loving the twin concept. One word, "GORGEOUS"!


1. Lee Som for Vogue Girl

Lauren: Lee Som is really very pretty, but I couldn't see any of her natural charm in this awful picture. The poor girl was styled in a yellow on yellow, suede, track-suit-with-shorts-as-the-bottoms combination that was just not working. Not even to mention my loathing for most things Juicy Couture (say hello to the gross tangerine tee shirt). I mean, really, who even wears an athletic tee in a fashion shoot?! The only saving graces this shot has is good makeup and a nice, albeit distracting, scenery. Sorry, Vogue Girl, I'm just not feeling it.

KD: I’m just not feeling it, there’s too much going on. Not loving the look.

2. CL for i-D (a British Magazine)

Lauren: CL is my bias in 2ne1, but I'll be the first to admit that her (and Jeremy Scott's) fashion sense is not always on par with what I think is attractive. We see this no better than in the picture at right. In all overall fuzzy suit (with a tail!!), CL reminds me of Big Bird from Sesame St. rather than a fashion icon. Likewise, her skiing (?) outfit on the far right does not pair well with the cap, which is in a slightly lighter orange, and her shoes, which are some sort of heel and sneaker Frankenstein. I only hope that as Jeremy's "muse", CL can steer him back on the path of good fashion, featuring license plate shoes and cute skirts, and away from this over-dramatic train wreck.

KD: Let just say, CL looks like a bigfoot in the first pic. I love CL, but this sometime her fashion choices don’t really resonate with me. She’s like the GAGA of Kpop. The second picture looks as if a paint machine explode on her. Sorry Jeremy Scott, but these looks are just not my cup of tea.

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