f(x) loves Style Nanda

There are rumors that f(x) will be making their comeback soon.
I,for one, CAN'T WAIT.
I always loved f(x) fashion...(yes sometimes it is kinda weird but intersting at the same time).
I am so exciteeeeed.

Remember when we ID Krystal's airport fashion when f(x) was heading for Texas? (click here)
Well, we also found Sulli's coat and it's from.......*suspense* Style Nanda and you can buy the Pastel-Colored-Wool-Coat here

Now for some more Style Nanda finds from f(x) Billboard Korea interview
Krystal is wearing this chis army shirt (but sadly it isn't available yet) and Luna is wearing the Real-Leather-Biker-Jacket which you can find here

Amber wore the same chic army shirt at MBC's Show Champion and Luna wore the Camouflage-Suspender-Skirt also from Style Nanda (buy here)

It's time for 'Who wore it better'

So who wore the chic army shirt  better?

Krystal or Amber?


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