DIY: Recycled Bracelet


1) two old tee shirts or jeans (one for base, and one for overlay)
2) scissors
3) needle + string

The Process:
Step 1: Cut your base fabric into three 1in strips about 2in longer than needed to fit around your wrist. For me, I used the denim as my base.

Step 2: Cut your overlay fabric into three 1/4-1/2in strips. They need to be a little (around an 1in) longer than the base ones.

Step 3: Pair up one overlay strip to one base strip so you have three partners in total. Then, with a rubber band or thin hair tie, tie the tops together, just to make the braiding easier.

Step 4: Braid!

Step 5: Take the top rubber band off. Then, thread a needle with string (I used white). Connect the end and the bottom with string by first securing one side, then sewing the secured side to the other side. Finish by wrapping the excess overlay string around the sewed area and secure on the bottom.

Step 6: Put it on and enjoy!

Total time: 15min

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