Changmin is Fabulous, and You will Deal

Warning: This is my bias post, be aware. You have been warned.
Title speaks for itself. 
Welcome to the fabulousness of TVXQ's Changmin's wardrobe. 
This is a collection of five finds, for now. 
So, you, do enjoy. You cannot not enjoy this. 

Exhibit one:  
Notice an older (A/W 2012) season's faux fur coat that Changmin wears casually but like royalty.

The spectators in the Hong Kong airport got to witness this walking masterpiece. Aren't they lucky?
It does not even matter what brand it is. However, only Dolce and Gabbana is worthy of touching his skin.

Exhibit 2: 
This high-end brand, every kpop and star and their mother has worn in the airport looks extraordinarily new and fresh on Changmin.
What overused brand can this be, none other than Givenchy. -shock- To make it worse it has a star, a skull and flowers. But that's ok because it's Changmin, and he totally rocks the Givenchy Skull and Cards tee.

Exhibit three:
 Look that at gaze. Now look at that elder man being so proud to stand next to Max at the Thailand Missha Siam store opening.

You probably think this shirt is Thom Browne no?
Nope! It's Zara.  -shock-
Can you believe it? Who is the bozo who dressed Changmin in this low-end apparel. I demand their head. Regardless, the Zara shirt with Mao collar and contrasting detailing available here.

Exhibit 4: Look at this brilliance. What a thoughtful gentleman, dressing in black for BoA's concert just like her. Also, his coat's neck totally matches BoA's hair. What a gentleman.
What better way to describe this man other than with the word saint? 
Oh! A coincidence, this trench's brand is Allsaints! -shock-
You can get this one called Bale Coat for 250 pounds here.

Exhibit five: Who can wear bright colours like he does. I don't know. 
Only this one can wear a sponsor's clothing like he ain't even trying.

What is this Moonlight Prince wearing, you may ask? Louis? Lanvin? Dolce? Marc? Burberry?'s something called Eight Seconds. Most of you cannot buy this, but here's the link anyway.

So dreadful, we have come to the end of this post.
There are no more Changmin pictures or his fabulousness. - cries - 
But that's ok, I got more coming. - wink-

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