Bye bye happy days

KARA is back with their new japanese MV 'Bye bye happy days'.
It's been quite a while since we had a KARA post. :D
We have quite a few finds from this MV.

Let's start with the leader, shall we?

Gyuri is wearing this beautiful flowerly skirt, the PD1WS282 skirt from Platic Island, and you can buy it here.

Along with her beautiful outfit, she is carring the Ivana Patent purse from MCM (buy it here)

Next we have Nicole. 

She is wearing the PD1WO262 also from Plastic Island: Buy it here

Nicole is also wearing the PD1WS231 top from Plastic Island.

Aww how sweet, the guy she likes bought her a new pair of shoes, and they are the Tubes 100 Dustem from K-swiss, which you can buy here.

Next, we have Seungyeon. 

And she is wearing this knit top also from Plastic Island. To be exact it's the PD1KL283 top.

They are wearing really beautiful necklaces in the MV.  Seungyeon is wearing the Glam Pearl from Blackmuse, and you can buy it here

How cute are these headbands that they wore?
They are also from Blackmuse and there are called  the All Star Headbands.

 Seungyeon is also wearing a sweater from Kai-aakmann

Up next is Hara.

She is wearing this really beautiful skirt from Envy Look. Buy it here.

Hara is also wearing the Magenta necklace from Black Muse, which you can buy here.

Now it's the maknae's turn.

She is also wearing necklaces from Black Musethe Eternal Triangle and the Neon Melody.
(the actual link won't post but if you visit the site you'll find them there)

Now for the last item for this post.
Jiyoung is wearing the Floral Light Blue Collared Dress from 2fb.
Buy it here


Credits:DSP media,2fb,Blackmuse,Envy Look,Plastic Island,K-swiss,MCM
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