Victoria and Krystal at Linda Farrow's Event

Let's take a break from Dream Girl and switch to f(x) for this post. 
Recently, Linda Farrow held an event in Korea which Victoria and Krystal were attendees. 
As many of you may know, Linda Farrow is most famous for her designs of sunglasses. 

However, the girls could not wear sunglasses head to toe. So here's some of the other things they wore.

On Victoria is the Kenzo Clouded Leopard Jacquard dress. It looks a lot better on someone instead of by itself. See for yourself at the buy link for 409 Pounds.

This one is interesting. So the print of Krystal's trench coat are grapes. Not just purple grapes but yellow, green, pink and blue grapes! You are probably hungry or thirsty for wine now. Oops, sorry.
Anyway, the trench coat is from the A/W 2012 collection from Kenzo. This one is gone from online retailers but last known price is 1515$. If you want to see the collection click here. 

As you probably can tell, Kenzo has sponsored their clothing for this even. 

But next, sunglasses time.

On the left is Victoria's. Linda Farrow Luxe, Retro Snake Sunglasses (710$)
On the right is Krystal's. Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott Smiley's (284$)

Credit: as tagged, farfetch

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