Spring Break Giveaway (closed 15th March 2013)

Wow~ Everyone is so awesome! To celebrate 650 followers on our Tumblr, K-World Style is hosting a giveaway sponsored by the amazing ladies at INGRI: DAHL.

What we're giving away:
  • a pair of INGRI: DAHL Popcorn 3D glasses
  • SHINee's "Dream Girl" Album
  • Infinite H's "Fly High" Album
  • a pair of WHITE and gold spike earrings
To win: There will be ONE (1) winner. Check out our widget below to see all the ways to get points that count toward winning. our Rafflecopter giveaway 
  • You MUST "like" INGRI: DAHL's Facebook
  • Reblog this post as many times as you want on our Tumblr. (limit: 10 times a day)
  • You do not have to be following us, BUT you get major points if you are.
This giveaway ends on March 15th, 2013. Good luck ^.^!
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