Somewhere Over the Rainbow

On February 12, Rainbow released their long-awaited 'Tell Me Tell Me' MV. 
(tell me, tell me t-t-t-t tell me... Did everybody immediately thought of Wonder Girl's 'Tell Me' when they first read the song title? I know I did. :D ) Another song that reminds me of this band is "Somewhere over the rainbow...", hence the title >.<.

First let's start with Rainbow's leader, Jaekyung, who is wearing a beautiful pair of shoes. I was able to recognize the heels because I immediately fell in love with them at first site; they have a really pretty floral pattern on the heel.
Buy the Lace-up ankle boots from Dolly&Molly here.

Next is Jisook, who is pretty in pink with this adorable top from LAP. You can buy it here
Isn't this top so cute?

Jisook is also wearing the Galaga Printed Cropped Bluse from Lucky Chouette. Find it here.
This top was worn by so many K-pop idols, so I guess you already recognized this top.

I just LOVE Yoonhye's hair in this MV. I adore the light brown and pink combination.
To enhance her beautiful hair, she rocks the Everyday Sweet Hairdband from Jtiara. Buy it here.

She is also wearing the Vital Blue Basic Cap 003 from Hatson, and you can find it here.

I have never ID'd cosmetic products but I thought you guys would like to know what cosmetic products k-pop idols use (hope I was right :P ).
As you can see in the picture , Seungah is using foundation, concealer, lipstick and make-up remover from Nars.

Believe it or not, we have a who wore it better between Jisook and 4minute's Jiyoon, who wore the LAP top at KBS's Vitamin program, and I'm sorry for the photo couldn't find a better one.

We have another 'Who wore it better' with Jisook but this time, it's against After School's Jooyeon.


Credits:DSP,LAP,Lucky Chouette,J-tiara,Dolly&Molly

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