SNSD Got a Boy (9)

Can you guys remember what I said in the last SNSD post?
"Believe it or not; We still have some SNSD 'I Got A Boy' finds!
I won't say thse are the last ones because you never know :D "
and...........I was right 
We have more SNSD IGAB finds :D
First let's start with Seohyun's date outfit. She is wearing this beautiful lace jacket from LAP.
(and you can buy it here)
How awesome are these shoes? I just love them and I thought maybe I can make a pair for myself(don't know how will they turn out but hope they will look ok)
Aw how cute ...her boyfriend is tying her shoelace.
Seohyun is wearing the Pointed Toe Sneakers N2144 from Namuhana and you can buy them here

I just love camouflage pants.Don't you?
Jessica is wearing the YA64N09 pants from H:connect and you can you them here and they are not expensive at all.

The last 3 finds are from Lazy Oaf's Spring 2013 collection.
They are not available yet, but if you want to purchase something keep an eye because the items will be available soon.

I feel nostalgic knowing that the IGAB finds came to an end....Just when we thought there weren't anymore finds to post, more just popped up...such a sad moment...weeeee :((((
Now back to reality..hehe
You can check the other SNSD's IGAB finds here , hereherehereherehereherehere and finally here

Oh and one other thing...remember the Vintage Hollywood bracelet that Yoona wore in the concept photos...well of our lovely readers,Sherlyn made a DIY and you can check it out here :D


Credits: SMent,LAP,Namihana,H:Connect,Lazy Oaf
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