Shinee's Dream Girl (1) : Joyrich

Shinee's back!
These finds are kinda late but I had some PC problems. Hope you can forgive me  ~puppy eyes~
These finds are from the concept photos but we also have some finds from the music video soon. Stay tuned for them (we're going to have some 'who wore it better')!
I should warn you ...this post is Joyrich only.

First, this shirt that Onew is wearing is from Joyrich S/S 2013 collection .Such a pretty shirt

 Key is wearing a cap also from Joyrich S/S 2013 collection but unfortunately it's not available yet

Here's some cute chibis, the artists are sooooo talented.

Next we have Jonghyun who is wearing a jacket with this well-known pattern from Joyrich.
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Taemin is also wearing a cap with the same pattern but unfortunately it's not available yet
The floral beanie+the NYC cap= Taemin's cap :D

 We'll post more finds soon



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