Shinee's Dream Girl (3)

Here we are again with some other finds from SHINee's 'Dream Girl' MV.
So let'w get started :).
Along with the Jelly t-shirt that Maria identified, SHINee's Key wore this really colourful jacket from D.TT.K's One and only (because I'm one of a kind ;) )AW 2012

Next we have Taemin's FAMOUS pencil pants that everybody loved.
They're definitely from Gerlan Jeans, but I couldn't find them anywhere. All I know is that Gerlan Jeans is having a spring/summer collaboration collection with Joyrich; the collection isn't available yet, so I may or may not be right. Do you trust me? haha

From now on we're going to have 'Who Wore it Better's...YAY
I guess you already recognized the 2 caps that Taemin wore (since we already identified them in the past).
Click here to refresh your memory for Taemin's fangs cap :D.
Taemin wore the Fangs cap from OS Accesories, but unfortunately it's sold out.
This cap is just awesome!

Now here comes the real challenge. The 'Who Wore it Better' between Taemin and Key.
WHOA...I'm glad that I'm not the one voting because it will be a really hard decision.
So...Who wore it better?

Taemin or Key?

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Doesn't Taemin look like a cute werewolf in this picture...Auuuu (guess it's full moon)
Will he have abs like Jacob in Twilight :D ?!
Taemin is wearing the HOH hat from House of Holland.

The hat seems familiar? Well INFINITE's Dongwoo also wore it in INFINITE-H's 'Special Girl' MV
~click here to see the post~
Who wore it better?

Taemin or Dongwoo?

Next we have Jonghyun and he is wearing the Rotten Dots Hi-tops from Forfex and you can buy them  

Can you guess who wore the Forfex sneakers?
It's the one and only Amber (click here to see the post).
This 'Who Wore it Better" is a bit unfair, since we can't see Amber's face; so I'm adding another picture with her. Who wore it better?

Jonghyun or Amber

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Credits:SM,Forfex,D.TT.K,OS-accesories,House of Holland

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