Shinee: Dream Girl (2)

Let's go. Shinee's Dream Girl finds round two. 
The previous post focuses on Joyrich only. You can click here to go to it. We will be pumping out more posts throughout their comeback. Another writer has something coming up soon.
Let's begin where they did, comeback promotional images.

Not much here, but I tend not to post on the completely obvious ones. Sorry, I do...sometimes.

In the image above, while riding his toy horse and playing a recorder Onew wears a pair of Uniqlo jeans. The exact name given is W's print skinny fit tapered jeans in gray. These are women's jeans. There are other buy links for these jeans, just go to the online Uniqlo shop in your country. Here's the French one for 30 Euros

Now into the music video. 

Obvious find coming your way. This is that sometimes.

The shirt Key wears in the MV is a muscle tee. It is by Unif and appropriately named Hella Jelly. Available here for 8400 Yen.

Now, for Minho image, it is from a brief scene. You may not remember it but never the less, here it is. His tee is by Kenzo with the print Antony. Available here for 18900 Yen.

Another Minho. This one is by Thom Browne. Available here for roughly 360$.

This last one is a bit iffy. 

Since there is not colour, it is hard to determine the item Taemin wears exactly. Luckily, both of these patterns fits with the image. One is blue the other green so in black and white standards they are pretty much the same. The first possibility is by Phenomenon, a blazer priced at 50 400 Yen. Another possibilty is by the brand Frizm.

Credits: sm's youtube, phenomenon, hiphoper, faketokyo, uniqlo

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