Shinee: Beautiful (1)

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This is about the 220213 performance of Beautiful on Music Bank featuring Shinee
We got quite a few tips from Alika. Thank you.

Be aware, low quality images ahead.

 First we have Key.

You can probably tell what he is wearing. 2/3 items are repeats. The jacket is the W.I.A Catnell Bomber, sold out. Check out our previous post about Eunhyuk wearing it. The second repeat is the Cassete Playa Bones Triangle tee, available here for 61,500 Won. See our previous posts about it here and here. Now to the new item, it is Rockwell 5 Panel No Snapback in grey. It is available here for 35 Euros.

Next is Jonghyun. Both items above are from Mishka. The t-shirt is the 99 Problems tee, available here for 99$. The green one is available here but only in Korean. The scarf is Mishka Destroy scarf available for 39.99$ here.

So many of items, Alika sent tips to us. I just made the images before her tip Now, I don't know where to place the banner. The completely new thing I didn't know before are the shoes. So I thought here is appropriate. Also, she sent us all of the Korean buy links. Thank you.

More eyeballs, yay. I know someone likes them. ;)
So on Taemin are a pair of Mishka's Keep Watch in Seafoam leggings, now unavailable. On his feet are a pair of Underground x Boy London collaboration shoes, D-Ring. It is available here for 168$.

Now, time for who wore it better?

Key vs Eunhyuk

Key vs Jiyeon vs Sungmin

Since the images are so LQ, you can watch the performance if you click "Read More."

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