OH!I'm really excited YEAH!

WHOA...SHINee is going to havee a comeback!!!!!!!
Totally unexpectd.
Just woke up and found this awesome news
OH!I'm really excited YEAH!
How about you guys?
In one of Taemin's concept photos he is wearing the Sunrise Blossom Crew from Joyrich which you can buy here

Key also wore a similar t-shirt (but without the floral pattern) in Etude's recent SHINee app
Key is wearing the Bear Tee from Joyrich and you can buy it here

Is that a poney?
You know from the previous posts that I LOVE ponies
I guess Onew's Cheap Monday Pony Neckalce will fit really well with this concept...haha (you can see the post here )
Or maybe SMent saw our post and said...Hmm...if this girl likes ponies then she'll freak out when we'll put one in Taemin's concept photos...OH SM I figured out your strategy...whatcha gonna do? :)))
Hehe...Just kidding


Credits: SM,Joyrich, PONY :))
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