I wanna love

On February 15, Teen Top released their new MV 'I wanna love'.
I was really surprised because I wasn't expecting a new MV from Teen Top but,on the other hand, I was happy because I like Teen Top.
I really loved the MV it's pretty simple but it has something special (at least this is how I feel)
Now back to business :D
First let's start with Chunji.

He wore the Human  Potential FOW1 Leather Vest, which you can buy  here

I guess he exercised a lot after all those canes that he ate so he can wear that vest ;).

Chunji is also wearing the Short Rider Jacket in White from Dominic's Way; buy it here.

L.joe is also wearing the Leopard Black Jacket also from the same designer and you can buy it here

Here we are again with L.jow who is wearing a t-shirt from Push Button's 2012-2013 Winter/Spring Capsule Collection.

Ricky (Martin...haha just kidding...I wonder if Ricky has latin origins that will explain his name) also wears a jacket from Push Button but this time from the AW 2012 Promise forever young collection.

Ricky is also wearing the Sunrise Blossom Athletic Jacket from Joyrich
and you can buy it here

Lastly we have Ricky and Changjo who are wearing these awesome suits from Kwak Hyun Joo's 2013 S/S collection.

And....we are done...phew
We had quite a few finds right? :D
This is a dedication for all you lovely readers out there. Thank you very much for always making time to read our blog it really means a lot to us.


Credits: TOP Media,Kwak Hyun Joo,Push Button,Joyrich,Dominic's way,Human Potential
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