Hello, Venus

On 13 December, Hello Venus released their MV for " What are you doing today?''
It's a bright, colourful MV that matches the lyrics of the song.
Hello Venus offers a great method if your boyfriend doesn't call: Just stalk his apartement and, when the time is right, play the song without revealing your secret identity

''Oneuri gagi jeone nan neoreul bogil wonhae
Haega jigi jeone
(''Before the day ends, I want to see you
Before the sun sets

If he doesn't call after that, he is not the right guy for you!
A simple method would just be to wait for his call

Now for the clothes, since this is our job, because we are not good at giving dating tips :P

First we have Yoonjo who wore the The Colored Diamond Supply Uniform Dress from Joyrich, and you can buy it here

Next we have the leader, Yoo Ara, and she wore the I love mustache top from Forever 21.
Sorry but it isn't available anymore :(

Lime is wearing the I love royal boys campfire tee from Wildfox and you can buy it here
Next we have Lime...wee her hair isn't lime anymore :(( ...Maybe we should call her Lemon. :))
~Whoa my jokes are horrible :)) ~

Moving on down, we have Nara, who is wearing a Le Fric c'est chic (meaning Money is sophisticated or something like that :P my french is not that good) from Zara....but unfortunately is not available anymore :(
She accesorized her outfit with this bone collar from bpb and you can buy it here

She also wore a dress from Fleamadonna's FW 2012 collection.


Credits: Pledis, Fleamadonna, Forever 21, Zara, Joyrich
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