Google Ape

On January 26th, F(x) performed at the Red and White Entertainment Awards, which was held 

in Taiwan. These outfits has been wore by f(x) before. Backtracking is hard so just the mentioning of the awards show is fine. 

Both Krystal and Amber rocked tops from Gerlan Jeans. These t-shirts were from Gerlan Jeans' new collection for 2013. Krystal's tee was given the name Google Me. Amber's was Go Ape

If you want to purchase Krystal's tee get it here for 140$. For Amber's tee, go here and spend 110$.
Both these tee are listed as unisex in their shop.

Who Wore it Better?

Red and White Entertainment Awards l Krystal vs Hyuna l Ice Cream  M Countdown

Both obviously styled different. So who's styling do you prefer?

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Maria :D
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