We still Like That Glam

As promised I'm here with more Glam finds from their comeback 'I Like That'! 
This time we have A LOT of clothes, from one single brand, to get through! Don't worry ~ there are some few exceptions here and there. :P

Last time I posted finds mainly from the cover. I said we would come back to Jiyeon's jacket, so why not start with that? :)

Dahee is wearing a jacket from Joyrich. More exact she's wearing the Broadway Alley Jacket
As said, fellow Glam member Jiyeon wore it on the cover of 'I Like That', SNSD Hyoyeon wore it in 'I Got A Boy' and Lee Hi wore it in her debut song '1,2,3,4'.

Her T-shirt is from Lazy Oaf's Batman collection. I couldn't find the exact T-shirt, but the print is the same as the dress ~ 

You can get the jacket here for 290$.

While talking about Dahee and the dress from Lazy Oaf...
In one scene she actually DID wear the Batman dress ~ I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. xD
The dress costs around 100$ but I only have an 'out of stock'-buy link...

Dahee wasn't the only one dressed in Lazy Oaf x Batman! All the members were actually.
Here it's Zinni wearing a crop-top with Batman's logo.
This one costs around 70$ but I only have yet another out of stock-link...

Moving on to Miso ~
I think the Batman intro-melody is stuck completely in my head now. xD
This sweater if also from Lazy Oaf x Batman. It costs 50£ and is available right here

Now back to Jiyeon! This T-shirt is from Lazy Oaf x Batman! You didn't figure that out, huh? :P
I don't have a buy link...Please comment below if you have one ~ Thanks. :)

Staying with Jiyeon a little longer ~

This is the last Lazy Oaf x Batman item! :)
Get this shirt right here for only 40£! 

Now something non-Batman! 
Her cap is from Korean brand Byther. BtoB Ilhoon wore the same one but in red for their comeback 'Wow'. They added a chain for even more coolness and bling-bling ~
Get your version of this super cool cap right here for 35,500 won!

Now a funny bonus I spotted in the MV ~

This belt-bag from KTZ made a SUPER short cameo in the MV. I accidentally paused on it and saw it. Hmmm. xD
If you're interested you can get it here or just check it out ~

Ninillie ~

Credits: KTZ, Lazy Oaf, Joyrich, Byther, BigHit Ent., Batman

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