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Woohoo! My first post this year. :) I hope you all had a fun and safe new year ~ I sure had! 
I know I haven't posted anything in a while...But I've been busy with the holidays and Eliza was quick to get hold of the Girls' Generation 'I Got A Boy' finds. :P That means I'll go look for some other finds. Luckily I had quite a lot right around the corner! 

Ever heard of the girl group Glam? They're quite talented if you ask me and come from the same company as 2AM and 8Eight
One member, Trinity, just left the group but they're still excellent! Since their debut some time last summer with the song 'Party (XXO)' I've been waiting for them to release something more ~ now is that time! 

On the cover of their new single 'I Like That' leader Jiyeon was spotted wearing a T-shirt with a rather simple but colourful and cool bone print from Cassette Playa
We'll come back to her jacket later ~ She was wearing this look in the MV also!
You can get her T-shirt right here for 86,100 won on sale!

Also on the cover and in the MV, Dahee (I kept writing Daehee when naming the pictures .__. Fail.) wore this look, which consists of an oversized tee from Cassette Playa and a jacket from the rather creative brand MimicAWE.
Girls' Day Minah wore this jacket in the 'Oh My God!' MV also, if you find it familiar ~ 
I don't have a buy link anymore since it's out of season.
But you can get the Cassette Playa tee right here for 422,100 won on sale. 

While we're talking about the cover...
Member Zinni wore this rather hip-hop inspired look on the cover and also in the MV ~

Her top is from Fleamadonna and their F/W 2012 collection. 
I couldn't find any trace of them making a crop top, only a silk top and a sweater. Since a silk top would probably get messy when cut, I think this might originally have been the sweater. :) 
Get the sweater here for 71,400 won. And please don't cut it! 

Last one from the cover (also seen in the MV) ~

Miso was spotted wearing this awesome furry hat! I have an obsession with hats and scarfs in case you don't know hehe.
Her hat is from KTZ and it took me ages to find a picture of it and even then I ended up with a picture from the runway D: I'd love to own this one ~ But maybe it's considered haute couture since I couldn't find it anywhere except on the runway...
Super Junior Eunhyuk wore this in the MV for sub-unit Younique Unit's song 'Maxstep'.

This one wasn't on the cover, only in the MV! :)

Zinni sported this cool T-shirt from Andrea Crews
It seems like that brand is getting moe and more popular in K-pop. First I saw G-Dragon wearing a T-shirt in 'Crayon', then Seohyun in 'I Got A Boy'! And that's only those I remember right now ~

You can get this slightly oversized T-shirt right here for 168,000 won.

That's it for this time!
Coming up next: More finds from Glam's comeback 'I Like That'!
Meanwhile; check out the MV ~

Ninillie ~

Credits: BigHit Ent., Cassette Playa, KTZ, Andrea Crews, MimicAWE, Fleamadonna, Dailyprojects

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