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That Special Girl

This is the last post from Infinite H's MV for "Special Girl". 
I'm pretty sure many girls are super envious of the girl in the MV ~ I mean...She gets to hang out with BOTH Hoya AND Dongwoo! So many jealous Inspirites out there, I know it hehe. :P  

Anyway! It's been ages since I've posted something from this brand! This was more or less the first thing I spotted, when I first saw the teaser for the MV! :D

The actress (I don't remember her name) in Infinite H's MV was wearing shoes from Alexander McQueen - One of my personal favourite brands EVER! :D
These shoes are called Faith Peeptoe Boots and is one of the signature shoes from McQueen. I'd love to own a pair ~ 
Sadly I don't have any buy link. Comment if you have one! 

Ninillie ~

Credits: Woolim Ent., Mcqueen, the actress's company (whoever that might be)

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