SNSD Got a Boy (8)

Believe it or not; We still have some SNSD "I Got A Boy" finds!
I won't say these are the last ones because you never know :D.
So let's start~

 Seohyun is holding the Scribble Heart Slob from Lazy Oaf, which you can buy here.
That room is so cute (and PINK!) :D

Sooyoung wore this awesome jacket from Martine Rose's AW 2012 collection
(we already posted on the shoes so click here.)

Yuri is wearing a necklace also from Lazy Oaf.
Buy it here.

I'd like to thank Ninillie for the tip on the tutti frutti top :D
Buy the mixed fruit top, which Seohyun is holding, from Lazy Oaf here.
If you want to know where the hat is from, click here. :)

Hehe ~ I know this has nothing to so with the 'I Got A Boy' MV, but I thought it could be fun.
So...Who do you think "wore" it better?
Hyuna or Tiffany?
(yes, we're talking about the puppy hehe.)

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