SNSD Got a Boy (7)

So here we are again my dears with the last SNSD's 'I got a boy' finds (or maybe not)
Hope you liked our SNSD posts :D
Let's start with the remaining finds from the MV and then some more finds from the concept photos.
First let's start with the most hard find that I came across while looking for these finds
I still can't believe that I found it .Taeyeon helped me a little bit. Let me tell you how I found it: I looked for it everywhere without success and then I tried to read what it is written on the patches google it but without success..Then I watched SNSD's comeback and then Taeyeon makes a spin and BAM....THE HUNDREDS....I tried to look for the t-shirt on The Hundreds's official site but no sign of it....then I wrote on google The Hundreads t-shirt strenght in numbers(that's what it says on a patch) and VOILA FOUND IT....such an 'easy find' ...It is called the Honor tee(why didn't you say so from the beginning :)) Always pay attention to the details you will never know when you'll use them.
Buy the THE HUNDREDS Honor Tee here

Next we have this adorable smiley sweater  that Taeyeon is holding and it's from....DING DING you guesses Jeremy Scott :D

Next we have a tip from Fatima regarding Hyoyeon's the scene when she slapped her boyfriend because he was late.You gotta love her.As always thank you Fatima for your tips
Wait I almost forgot the watch is the Casio Baby-G BG6900-2 which you can buy here

We are done with the MV for the promotional pictures
We already IDed Yoona's t-shirt(it is actually a bodysuits) and the cool necklace(you can see the post here)
Now for the bracelet...It's from Vintage Hollywood and it's called the Alexa Chung Vintage Fabric Chain B_Rainbow and you can buy it here 
I'm thinking about making a similar one for myself(but I might get lazy..hehe)

And now let's move on to Yuri's teaser photo...Shall we?Her necklace is also from Vintage Hollywood and it's called the Metal Fringe Necklace and you can buy it here...This necklace is so interesting I would definetely wear it over a black dress :D
But we are not done yet with Yuri's teaser photo..Am I right? We still have the bracelet
The bracelet is the Bold Chian Charm Bangle from Monday Edition...remember this jewelery brand?
f(x) wore a lot of Monday Edition in their "Electric Shock" MV
Buy the bracelet here

And now the last and final find....Oh so sad :(
We also ID-ed Seohyun's dress and you can find the post here
But we are here for the cap....When I first saw it I knew I saw it somewhere but I coudn't remember but while looking for Taeyeon's Super Bound cap I came across it
The cap is the Playboy Umpire and you can buy it here


Credits:Vintage Hollywood,Monday Edition,The hundreds,Casio,Jeremy Scott,Playboy

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