Snsd Got a Boy (6)

Let's first start with Seohyun's censored version of the VAGX WMF Snapback Hat Tiger camo.
Oh, soo cute! The stylists covered up the writing with 2 stars, but they didn't covered it in Sunny's teaser photo: in hers, they let the writing free in it's pure glory. I couldn't believe it when I saw it...It's like Sunny is saying "I dare you to mess with me", "I'm going to kill you with my aegyo".

Buy the VAGX WMF Snapback Hat Tiger camo here
Buy the VAGX WMF Snapback Wool Hat black here

Shoes, accessories, even more caps! It's all here if you click "Read More"!

Just like Yuri in the last post, Hyoyeon wore a purse-belt from KTZ called the Embellished Bum Bag, which you can buy here.

This was my favorite outfit from the whole MV. I really like that kaki shirt that Jessica is wearing along with the necklace and the headband. The headband is from Vintage Hollywood, and it's called the Statue of Liberty Stud Hairband. Find it here!

Now let's start with some shoes shall we?
Yey we have again a 'Who wore it better' between the members. Yoona and  Hyoyeon wore the 11219588 (cool name...) from Suecomma Bonnie. You probably recognized these shoes because Hyuna wore the white version in 'Oppa Gangnam Style' and  theWonder Girls wore them in 'Like this' performances. Buy these popular shoes here.

Sooyoung also wore a pair of shoes from Suecomma Bonnie, and they are the 11229502.
These are probably my second favorite (No one can beat Jessica's and Yuri's shoes) pair of shoes from the MV; buy them here.

Next we have Tiffany with a pair of Nikes called Dunk Sky High Liberty OG QS
Buy them here.

So even though we found the Mishka items ourselves, Fatima also tipped us so THANK YOU FATIMA. 

You've seen this cap on somebody?...Can't remember? Well, 2ne1's Minzy posted a photo on Twitter wearing this cap. (Who can forget that creepy eye? I sure can't ...hehe just kidding) 
So I guess we have yet another 'Who wore it better?' since they are similar hats.

Buy the cap here

So we can see again the 'creepy eye' on Yoona's jacket. Yoona wears the Keep Watch Varsity Jacket Camo from Mishka. Even though it is made for a guy, the jacket looks really good on Yoona! And we all know that in the K-pop world clothes are universal, and guys can wear girl clothes :D.

This find was also tipped my Fatima.
Ohh soo cute! Taeyeon and Sunny wear the same pairs of shoes in two different scenes. 
They are the Teramo Spike High wedge Sneaker from Jeffrey Campbell (purchase here).

 And if you want to spicy things up, you can wear this similar (yet with a higher heel) shoe also from Jeffrey Campbell. They are the Spiked Dramo Shoe In Black Suede and Silver, which you can buy here.

Credits:SMent,Jeffrey Campbell,Mishka,Sucomma Bonnie,Ktz,Vagx,Nike
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