SNSD Got a Boy (4)

It's a new start...hope that you all will have a great year.
It seems that our vacation is over and will have to get "back to work" on Kworldstyle.
And why not start with SNSD :D
So on December 31(for me January 1st),SNSD released their new "I Got A Boy" MV ....Did you guys like their new comeback?
I for one LOVE their clothes and especially the caps.
So enough with the introduction let's get to business.
I didn't know in what order to post the finds(shirts first then caps)... so I though of posting them in order of the rooms they are in.

Hmmm...who should we start off with?
Let's start with the Dancing Queen Hyoyeon...she is beginning to shine more and more.Here she is wearing the Jeremy Scott Leopard Track Top which you can buy here
We will have tons of 'Who wore it better' during this post...Let's start with the first one between Hyoyeon and Miss A's Jia(you can see the post here)...Who do you think would win?

Since we already talked about Jeremy Scott let's also talk about the Jeremy Scott Collage print leggings and also the Adidas x Jeremy Scott Instinct Hi Shoes that Yoona is wearing. These leggings are so colorful and crazy just as expected from the designer.I tryed to find a buylink but they are sold out everywhere(comment if you have a buylink)...

There's EVEN MORE if you click "
This post is SO MASSIVE a cut seemed in place ~ :D

Buy the Adidas x Jeremy Scott Instinct Hi Shoes here

Yoona is also wearing the 'F.T.S' Leopard cap from Bratson.I honestly can't believe that I recognized this cap since all of the writing is covered...I just spotted the S underneath the picture and thanks to the leopard print I was able to find it ...yeey so happy...this was a tricky find
We also have another tricky find, but this one was much easier since I already discovered the cap on Yoona....
I guess we can have a 'Who wore it better' between Sooyoung and Yoona since there are the same caps but different colors
Buy the 'F.T.S' Leopard cap in pink here

I like how their stylists customized their caps but you are still able to recognize them.
You probably already recognized this cap since we already posted this cap a couple of  weeks ago when Hyuna was promoting 'Ice cream' (you can see the post here)so I guess we have again a 'Who wore it better'(I wish we had a poll for every who wore it better I am curious who would win).

WOW... we had(in the previous posts) and have so many 'Who wore it better' between SNSD and Hyuna and we are not stoping here....
Remember those awesome sneakers(my favorite sneakers eveeeeer) that Hyuna wore in her 'Ice Cream' MV(see the post here) well........Yuri (in different color)and also Jessica wore them.
They are from Suecomma Bonnie and you can find them here .Loving those pants they look so good on them

We also have another find from Jessica this time from ........if it's Batman it's Lazy Oaf.I have a buylink but unfortunately is out of stock 
Really love Jessica's look in this MV and I simply adore that cat ears headband

This MV was full of easy finds...and this one was one of them...I guess you already know who wore this before am I right? If you don't know let me help you...B1A4's Baro in their Beautiful Target Music Video (you can see the post here)
So who do you think wore the VAGX Geeks Camp Go Ride Cap better?
I really like Sunny's makeup in this picture is so fairy-like...and plus it matches with the hair.
Buy the Go ride cap here

We have again a VAGX find but this time from the maknae Seohyun.She wore the MADHATTER Geeks Mesh cap which ou can purchase here.
Seohyun is also wearing the Blazers Low Velvet Trainers Red white from Nike which you can buy here

So I guess we have again a 'Who wore it better but this time between the members of SNSD in the same be more exactly between Sooyoung and Tiffany. Sooyoung has a fierce image while Tiffany has a really sweet one.
The necklace is from VintageHollywood and it's called the Neon Pop Carrie Lace Neckalce .You can buy it here

 More VAGX ,Vintagehollywood and many more finds coming up so stay tuned....That's all for today folks :D
See you tomorrow
~WOW it's already 9....I literally spent the whole day making these finds can't believe it ...
but as long as our readers enjoy it I am happy :D~
Off to writing the post for tomorrow and then freedooooom hehe
Oh and sorry for my English ,,,it was kinda bad


Credits:SMent,Lazy Oaf,VintageHollywood,Bradson,VAGX,JeremyScott,Adidas,Nike,Suecomma Bonnie

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