Ready for the Break Down?

Finally! After a long wait, Super Junior-M is back! :D I'm not going to keep it a secret, that Super Junior-M is my favourite subgroup and I like them even more than I like Super Junior. xD
Anyway...I'm sure you've already heard and seen Super Junior-M's new song and MV 'Break Down', right? :D I must say I loved it right away ~ It's an album I'm thinking about buying! 

I've decided to part the finds from this MV into two posts ~ If it was in one single post, it would become one massive post no one would read. 

Zhoumi has always been one of my favourite members of Super Junior-M. I'm not sure why, but maybe it has something to do with me recognizing him easily right from the start? Hmmm. xD 
Anyway! He's wearing a sweater from Givenchy
Many stars both inside and outside of Korea has been spotted wearing this star studded sweater. No wonder ~ it is really nice, if you ask me.  

You can buy this shirt right here for 2,690$ (so expensive...).

Sungmin, another of my favourite members of Super Junior-M! 
Do you recognize this shirt? If not, then go here to figure out where you have seen it before.
Underneath a black/white leather jacket, Sungmin is wearing a T-shirt from Cassette Playa

You can get this shirt for 86,100 won right here

That's all for now, but I'll have another post with more finds coming up very soon!

Ninillie ~

Credits: SM Ent., Cassette Playa, Dailyprojects, Givenchy

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