post #1000!

Believe it or not, we have reached 
post #1000! 

Let's all celebrate!

As Maria, the actual founder and owner of this site, seems to be absent I'm going to write on behalf of her and the rest of the Kworldstyle crew! :D

When I first started coming to this site about 2 years ago I thought it was a pretty cool place ~
It was nice to see somebody else seemed interested in K-pop fashion, just like I am!
This place has had it's more and less active periods but all of you readers stuck with us and patiently waited for us to come back- Even when we didn't post that much.

Without all of you, this place would NEVER have reached 1000 posts! :D

Kworldstyle wants to thank all of you!

I'm sure Maria never imagined this place getting this big. But look at us now!
I hope you will stay with us through another 1000 posts. We will do our best to keep upgrading the site and to engage you readers even more!

We love you~ 

In honor of this post, we wanted to share the team that makes this site possible:

Founder/ Owner
The expert finder

Contributor/ Editor/ Head of Twitter
The stylish and smart "cool girl"

Cordinator/ Editor/ Head of Tumblr
The heel-obsessed grammarian

Writer/ "Get the Looks"/ Head of Facebook
The aegyo-filled social butterfly

Contributor/Writer/ "Who Wore it Better" 
The enthusiastic foreign beauty

In case you still doubt our love...
Let's have Sehun share some!

Hahaha. xD

With many greetings and thanks from
The Kworlstyle crew

Maria, Koko, Lauren, Ninillie, Eliza

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