OH!We're really colourful YEAH

WHOA I really had a tough time with that Helen Steele t-shirt....I knew I saw it somewhere but just couldn't remember... 
Minho wore the Helen Steele t-shirt at KBS Gayo Daejun.
SHINee always impresses me with their performance and this one, as always, didn't disappoint me. SHINee is one of the most talented groups in K-pop. 
Ever wonder what SHINee wore at the KBS Gayo Daejun.? Well fear no more we have the Key to your mystery (hehe notice what I've done there? :P)
Hmm...who should we start with?....Since we already talked about Minho's t-shirt let's start with him. (Oh and guys sorry for the low quality pictures :( )
Along with the Helen Steele t-shirt, Minho wore a coat from Kay Kwok's FW 2012 collection.

Key, fashionable as always, wore matching shirt and pants from Kit Neale's FW 2012 collection.

Jonghyun wore a t-shirt from the same collection, and with it, he paired a jacket from Matthew Miller's AW 2012 collection. Jonghyun's vocals were amazing (as always...I feel like I'm saying that a lot this post >.<).

Taemin had a little problem with the pants (guess they couldn't handle his awesomeness), but he continued his performance like a true pro.
Taemin wore a suit from Matthew Miller's AW 2012 collection. A word to the wise~ don't dance to Sherlock suit pants!

Last we have our leade, Onew. He wore a jacket also from Matthew Miller's AW 2012 collection.

~SHINeeUKShawol this post is dedicated to you because I know how much you loved these oufits...hehe ^_^~


Credits:Sment,MyloveKBS,Matthew Miller,Kit Neale,Kay Kwok
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