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Requested by Jimena M.

A couple of days ago, Jimena M. requested the sweater that Taemin wore at the SHINee and f(x) Special Stage at MBC Gayo Daejun (I still haven't watched Gayo Daejun so maybe we will have more finds, I am behind with my K-pop updates but I won't be for long)
When I first saw the sweater the pattern looked really familiar and I instantly thought of Seohyun's beanie from the"I got a boy" MV... So if I would find the sweater ,I would also find the beanie and yeey.. I was right
Taemin is wearing the Sibling Sister Crew Neck Sweater in Fairisle Leopard which you can buy here...He looks so cute in this sweater( he doesn't like it when people call him cute but he really is...hihi)

So even though I said in the previous post that we don't have anymore SNSD 'I got a boy' finds, guess I was wrong.But being wrong in this case is good, right? That means more finds.
See ?same pattern....Since I first saw the beanie I was wondering where it's from and now we know.
This beanie is just simply adorableeee.
So we have even more 'I got a boy' finds.
These bunny/cat beanies are so popular these days. Many idols wore and wear them...but who wouldn't ?
Sunny wore the Jill by Jill Stuart Beanie 153 in red which you can buy here

Hyoyeon wore the same beanie but the pink version...They look so cute in this photo

WOOHOO we are ALMOST at our 1000 post! WOW!
Oh , and also Álvaro P. the cap that you requested is in the K-pop stars and their caps post scroll down to see it :D


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