K-pop stars and their caps


I'm here with two scrap that and lets make it 3 minor finds, which wouldn't have made it to this blog if it wasn't because I had two finds that was like each other ~ Yes I paired these two finds just because of that! :P 

It seems like K-pop stars are huge fans of caps...colour, print, studded or not, even shape doesn't matter that much - A cap is a must-have-item for K-pop idols these days. 

Rookie soloist Baek Ayeon uploaded a picture to her Twitter! It seems like she has joined the cap-trend. 
Her cap is from one of my favourite Korean brands, Stylenanda
You often find Stylenanda's items on K-pop stars. Both in MVs/performances and off-stage.

Click for caps seen on Xiumin and U-kwon. 

While chilling out at Facebook, I ran into a lot of pictures of Exo-M, uploaded to SM Town's official Facebook page. This picture caught my eye right away because I recognized the cap ~ 
Such an easy find. xD
Xiumin (Thank me for not uploading the whole picture, because Luhan looks like a creeper lurking in the background in this particular picture haha.) is wearing a cap from Stussy. 
There are many caps with the signature/logo in the front, like this one, but only one in this particular colour combination. :)
If you want this, you can get it right here for only 22$! That's pretty cheap ~ 

And finally we have an add-on from Eliza
This was requested by Álvaro P.

In this picture from his Twitter (or was it Me2Day?) Block B U-Kwon wore this cap from New Era. It looks super cool on him ~ or maybe it's just because I find him handsome in general? Hmmm. :P
His cap is in the 59Fifty model but I couldn't find it on their page...Anybody have a buy link? :)

Ninillie ~

Credits: Stussy, Stylenanda, SM Ent., AQ Ent., Ayeon's Twitter, SM Town's Facebook

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