Get The Look - SNSD 'I Got A Boy' (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Hyoyeon)

Are you all excited?! We have more Get the Looks for the SNSD's "I got a Boy". 

With all the "I got a boy" finds, we decided, with a little persuasion from you all, that we would help you to look like the girls from SNSD...or at least dress like them ;) . Much of their style was overdone, so I made an effort to find things that looked nice and that were (generally) nice to your wallet.

 I think you all have waited long enough, so without further ado, here are the Get the Looks for Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon.

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Taeyeon's style for 'I Got A Boy' was very cool and collected. She emphasized cool colors, like blue, teal and aqua, while mixing well with the people near her (e.g. Tiffany). I loved her hair, and so have included hair chalk below. The only thing I didn't like was the mis-matching of the denim in her teaser picture; she, however, looked great! Find out how you too can look like her below. 

Taeyeon Get the Look Blogspot

The Stuff:

I love the edgy yet simple style of this tank top; it really fits in almost any outfit.


This one is more true to the "hardcore" hip-hop style of the MV.

High-waisted shorts are always cute! Especially when paired with one of the tank tops above.

Jean Jacket

I'm not much for embellished jean jackets, but if you want to look like Taeyeon, go all the way~ This jacket has cute patches and is grey-ish in color. You know what that blue on blue (thank gosh!).

Adidas shoes

We all know how popular Jeremy Scott is in K-Pop. Chanel the pop/hip-hop mashup with his rainbow kicks.


Stay true to Taeyeon's style with this cap from Mishka.

Hav-A-Hank Pocket Square Red One Size

And of course, to complete your SNSD hip-hop looks, put this bandanna underneath your cap. 


Tiffany's style was pink and girly, with a little bit of Nicki Minaj thrown in. 
I loved her shorts + tattoo tights combination  but I could do without the embellished cap and denim jacket. Here's how I would dress like her:

Tiffany I got a Boy get the look

The Stuff: 
Crop tops? The 80s? Yes to all the above with this shirt from American Apparel.

Printed tight

Tattoo tights are hot! I absolutely love the way they look. Chanel Tiffany's cute/edgy paradigm in these tights from YesStyle. Be sure to check out the sizing chart!

Printed scarve

Like Taeyeon, Tiffany know that the way to say "I'm legit. I've got swag, man." is through a bandanna. (don't worry, I'm just kidding).

Want your own hip-hop designer snapback? Now you can. This cap had gold spikes and the Chanel logo.

Here's another option for a patched-up denim jacket. This one, unlike Taeyeon's, is blue.

I love faux-leather, especially faux patent leather! Rock Tiffany's style in this pair. Multi Strand Extra Long Pink Bead Necklace - Multi Strand...

Finish your look off with some pink costume jewelry.


Hyoyeon's Look for IGAB was so cool! I actually decided to do the style from the photobook pictures because I think she looks really great in them! 

Hyoyeon I got a Boy Get the Look

H M leather biker jacket
$47 -

Leather jackets?! Always a win in my book.

High-waisted jean shorts are really cute. And they make you automatically look good!

Tattoo tights are so in, but I haven't really seen black tattoo tights before. I really like how they look on Hyoyeon, and I would totally wear them myself.

Bustiers are a really good way to mix sassy and feminine. Stay true to Hyoyeon's look by getting a lighter color. Or, my person favorite way to wear them, rock the black studs (not pictured).

Turquoise jewelry
Spice up the look with some cool costume Jewelry. I absolutely love the mint look, so this necklace is a must for me. 

(not shown) And don't forget the hair chalk! The hair is important for all three girls, but Hyoyeon definitely has the most going on. For best results, make sure to keep cool with cool, warm with warm, bright with bright, and (as Hyoyeon does) pale with pale.

Happy Shopping~! Let us know whose look you liked the best, and if you would wear their outfits ;).


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