Get The Look - SNSD 'I Got A Boy' (Sunny, Yuri, Seohyun)

It has been quite a long wait but we're finally here with Girls' Generation's version of Get The Look made from their latest comeback 'I Got A Boy'!
I know we've had SO many posts featuring finds from this MV...But there has simply been so many finds - It was crazy ~ :) 

But now it's time for YOU to look like your favourite SNSD member! 
We'll start with my 3 picks - Cutie, candyfloss-haired Sunny, always sexy and stunning Yuri and the pure and adorable maknae Seohyun

Only 3 members?! Don't panic! The rest are coming up later! :P Lauren, Eliza and I each picked 3 members to make a Get The Look for - 3 for each writer, 3 different posts. 9 looks in one post was a bit massive and a lot of work to do for just one writer (and we all wanted to participate in this hehe). 

If you're still interested, click read more right below here to see 3 lovely SNSD-inspired looks ~ 

Let's start with Seohyun! I'm sure many of you were...shocked by her look in this MV. I picked the most significant look from the MV. And that couldn't be anything else than the one with the striped pants and yellow legs warmers (which I totally didn't understand why they added to this look)!

Originally she rocked an adorable T-shirt with a Micky Mouse print but this playing pandas T-shirt from Joyrich is equally cute. Get it here

Her striped pants are a key point in this look! Get the right look by wearing these striped jeans from Asos

Let's just admit it - Only a K-pop idol can pull off such a colourful denim jacket without looking like a fashion terrorist...So as a nice substitute I found this denim jacket from L.A. brand Current/Elliot. Sadly it is sold out everywhere, but now you know where to look for it. :) 

Finally we have the shoes! In the MV she's wearing simple sneakers from Nike - Get your own pair right here. For those who want to make this look a little more girly, go for wedged sneakers! They're super trendy and should be rather comfortable to wear ~This cute pair is from Yesstyle.

To finish of the look, wear whatever cap you have! It gives the look that last touch of personality ~ Preferably wear a red, black or white one - That would match the rest of the look just perfectly!
And PLEASE no yellow (or any other colour) leg warmers! This isn't an aerobic class from the 1970's. I mean it. :P 

It seemed like none of the writers really wanted to do Seohyun's look because it was kinda messy. xD She was picked last and I took it upon me to do it because I was scared the other writers might actually add the leg warmers haha.

Moving on to our favourite candyfloss of this month! Sunny!

This look is a good example of how a simple look can easily be tuned up with fancy items ~
First off you need a simple black tank top! You can get such almost everywhere (the ones from H&M are pretty good if you ask me). Pick one with a rather tight fit - otherwise it'll look more sloppy than sporty & fresh. I suggest this one from American Apparel.  

High waist shorts are more or less a must have-basic! They're perfect for so many things and they're comfy. Plus they keep in your tummy a bit in case you're not in a perfect shape all the time. :D These buttoned high waisted shorts are also from American Apparel and is perfect for this look! 

Wear tattoo-printed tights for a spunky twist on this simple look. Get this pair from Yesstyle

When it comes to the shoes, white sneakers are what we want in this look! :D My personal favourite is these freestyle high-top sneakers from Reebok! I have them in a limited brown edition and I swear they're the best sneakers I've had in ages! And they're pretty also ~ Get yourself a pair right here from Asos.  

To get the right feel, you want to wear a jacket JUST like this one from one of K-pop's most loved brands, Joyrich! Get the star studded varsity jacket here

If you want to go all the way and look like Sunny, then get some pink hair chalk from Korean brand Stylenanda! Since hair chalk works best on light hair (or maybe you're just scared of using hair chalk) another solution is coloured extentions. Yesstyle has some for you ~ Go for pink or mint - those are the colours Sunny wears (don't mix them!)

Pick your favourite long necklace(s) to finish off the look with your own personal touch!

Finally we have the black pearl - Yuri!

Aaah ~ My personal favourite look of this MV! Yuri just looked GREAT in this MV. All her looks were awesome and well done! I picked this one because it's simply so awesome (and I love mint!).

Where to start? The pants! We need simple, navy pants which are tighter around the ankles than the thighs! Easy! These regular-fit pants from Asos are just what we're looking for! 

Put on this chain-belt from Chicnova to pimp the rather simple pants up. 

Next thing we need is a tank top! A turquoise or mint one ~ for those of you who don't want to flash their midriff buy a normal tank top like this one from American Apparel and for those of you who want the more authentic, but also more flashing look, should pick this cropped top also from American Apparel

Cover up with this cute cropped denim jacket from Pull & Bear. And shoes? Wear these awesome Jeffrey Campbell coral/mint coloured wedge sneakers available from Karmaloop

We're not done with Yuri! Just parted her into two pictures hehe ~  

Yuri's hair is more or less the key point of her look. Again you can either use hair chalk from Stylenanda, this time in purple and electric blue OR you can get clip-in extensions in the exact same colours!

If you don't already have pink loop earrings, get a cute pair from Yesstyle right here
Her necklace is originally from Lazy Oaf, but you can get an equally cute and colourful one from Yesstyle ~
Put some roughness into this colourful look by wearing studded gold bracelets. You can get one (or more if you want!) right here from Yesstyle. 

If you want to, take a scarf and tie around your head to make a look more like Yuri's. But if you ask me, I don't think it's necessary. :)

Read the instructions on the hair chalk carefully before using it! 
Wear rubber gloves or likely to protect your hands from getting coloured also! Preferably make an allergy test on your hand or wrist 12 or 24 hours before using the product since it might get in contact with your face and/or scalp! You can read further instructions on the link provided.  

Ninillie ~

Credits: SM Ent., Yesstyle, Asos, Karmaloop, Pull&Bear, Stylenanda, Nike, Joyrich, American Apparel

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