Break Down Down

On 6 January, Super Junior-M released their 'Break Down' MV for their new 2nd album 'Break Down'
Ninillie already did most of the items (which you can see here and here) but there were some of left.

Let's start with Henry. Henry wore the End of the world tee from Cassette Playa.
F(x) Sulli also wore this t-shirt for a performance at Gayo Daejun
~ Thank you Ninillie for editing the picture ~

Donghae wore a sweatshirt from Christopher Shannon's AW 2012 collection.

Now some finds from the promotional pictures!

Sungmin wore the Plaid Motorcycle Jacket from Joyrich which you can buy here.
You can't have a MV without some Joyrich. 

Henry also wore a jacket but from Kathleen Kye's FW 2012 collection.
It seems that many idols are wearing Kathleen Kye these days.

I guess you already recognized this sweatshirt/dress since Super Junior M wore a lot of KTZ in their MV.
Kyukyun wore the KTZ Sweatshirt Big Heart emblem which you can buy here

Believe it or not we still have some SNSD 'I got a boy' finds so stay tuned! :D


Henry VS Sulli 


Credits:SMent,Kye,Ktz,Christopher Shannon,Cassette Playa,Joyrich

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