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Another Break Down

I'm sorry for the delay. We were waiting for Maria to come by and write post # 1000. But it seems like she's preoccupied by something else. :/ Oh well...I need to post these before they get too old!

We looked a bit at Super Junior-M's latest comeback a few posts back ~ Back then I said there would be more, and well, here it is! :D 
Get ready for a KTZ and Super Junior-M spam. :P

Eunhyuk, with his almost ever-changing hair, it seems, was wearing these gloves by KTZ. They're pretty pricey since they're made out of leather. For 200€ these can be yours ~

Feel like you've seen this before? You're right! Infinite Dongwoo wore it also in the teaser for "Special Girl". 
This chained brooch is from KTZ and is priced at 217$.

The rest of the members and the rest of the finds are right here if you click "Read More" just below here ~

Don't forget about Ryeowook! It took me ages to find a picture of this sweater! I knew instantly it was from KTZ because of the symbol...I managed to find the black version only, but you can easily see it's the same ~
As said it's from KTZ and costs 286,300 won but is sold out. :C

Siwon looks sooooo cool (almost creepy) with these light brown/grey lenses. His eyes are so intimidating! 
But this isn't about his eyes, it's about his jacket right now ~
This jacket is also from KTZ. Doesn't it look super cosy? :D
I don't have a buy link but you can check it out right here.  

Look at those eyes! 
This hat has been worn many times already but it's still cool ~
It's from KTZ and I cannot find a buy link ANYWHERE! 

Here comes Henry
His cool jacket is from KTZ and this print is called Church Print
I don't have a buy link to this either, but you can check it out here ~  

Lastly we have Sungmin
I think you have guessed - it's from KTZ. I can't figure out if it's the gold or the silver version, but I think it's the silver version, considering it's the male version. 
I don't have a buy link for this. 

Ninillie ~ 

Credits: KTZ, SM Ent.

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