A Special Girl for Hoya

Right before the MV is released, let's take a look at Hoya and his clothes in the teaser for Infinite H's song 'Special Girl'!  We have already posted on Dongwoo. If you missed it, you can check it out  ^^. 

Like Dongwoo, there are quite a lot of finds involving Hoya. Especially since this is only from a 29 second teaser. And also just like the Dongwoo post, this is a collaboration between Eliza and myself (Ninillie)! :)

Big Hoya is big...
His colourful T-shirt is from Horace, and it is called Triangle Fuzz T. It's available right here for 55£.
Also from Horace, we have his leather jacket! It's a women's jacket, but it's still so masculine... Hmmm. This is slightly more pricey since it is a leather jacket. Get the Blue And Black Biker Jacket here for 325£.

It wasn't easy to find his shoes. Actually, neither I nor Eliza ever found the EXACT shoes, so we went with those which look THE MOST like the ones Hoya wears (his shoes might be custom made).
What we do know is that they're from Nike. The shoes they look most like are from one of the Nike Air x Mike Jordan collections and can be bought here for 75,69$ - That's a 60% discount!

Next, we have his pants! 
These are from KTZ and their pre-S/S 2013 collection. The Champion Low Crotch Trousers could be bought  for 658,000 won right here, but right now they're sold out.

Don't worry! There's more if you click "Read More" in the bottom of this post! :D

In one scene, we see the girl holding up a set of clothes in front of Hoya, checking out how it suits him ~ 
I don't like this shirt, but no matter, it's from Kathleen Kye. xD 
There's no buy link for this. 

Just to avoid confusion I made two pictures this time hehe. ~
The shirt Hoya already IS wearing is WAY more suitable for my taste! :D
It's from Givenchy and has a cool tattoo-inspired print on the upper chest and collar. 

He also wore it in this scene ~
You can get this nice shirt here for a little over 300$. 

We've been looking high and low for his shirt, but without luck. :C So lets move on to something we actually found! Hoya's shoes are from Dr. Martens and are the 1460 8-eye boot in brown. You can get these shoes, which are pretty much all-round for most looks, right here for 115$.

I first saw these when I edited the photo...
His gloves are from KTZ! We don't have a buy link for these.

He also wore the gloves with a different combination of clothes for a teaser for Infinite H's live performance debut. :D

Ninillie and Eliza ~

Credits: KTZ, Horace, Dr Martens, Kathleen Kye, Nike, Givenchy, Woolim Ent.

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