A Special Girl for Dongwoo

If you knew how many hours Eliza and I spent on this post, you'd probably think we're insane. Especially when you remind yourself of the fact, that what made us spend so much time on doing finds, is an only 29 seconds long teaser. xD 
As you might have guessed by now, Eliza and I, Ninillie, collaborated on this post! Both of us are pretty excited for Infinite H to debut and both of us had a lot of finds from the teaser for 'Special Girl'. 
Normally K-pop stylists seems a bit lazy and just picks clothes from one single brand or just two brands. But this time it's different and I love it!!

Since there are so many finds I will, yet again, post them in separate posts. :)
We'll start with Dongwoo for no particular reason ~ 

Right from the first 5 seconds of the teaser, we have this many finds! 

Dongwoo's T-shirt is from Givenchy. No buy link for this...
His pants are from Unbounded Awe and is available for 89,000 won right here. 
The sneakers are from a collaboration between New Balance and Frapbois. No buy link but you can check them out here ~
The decoration on his jacket is a brooch from KTZ. It, apparently, retails for roughly 217$ and the only buy link I have is sold out. 

There's WAAAAAAY more, if you click on "Read More" just right below here! :D Click it!

I somehow love this one screen cap - Dongwoo looks so cheeky here. xD 

His pants are from KTZ. The stylists cut a bit off the kilt. It looks cooler like that but it's a shame for the clothes if you ask me...They cost 224£ on sale right here.
His jacket is from Joyrich and can be bought right here for 358,000 won. 

Up next is this short scene ~ He looks so happy here, right? :D

Dongwoo's pants are the Digital Print Trousers from Horace and can be bought for 145€.
His shirt is from Givenchy and is sold out everywhere. But you can take a closer look at it here. 

Because it's hard to see on this picture, here's another one where you can see slightly more of the print.  
I only found this because I know and love Givenchy's crest print T-shirts so much. :D

I had to redo this picture. D: At first I thought his boots was red patent but they aren't! They're cherry red leather...There is a difference! :P 
These boots are a classic from Dr. Martens - The 1460 8 eye boots in cherry smooth. They cost 115$ but is sold out. Check out more photos of them right here

Lastly we have the jeans.
They are from Cheap Monday and has been worn by different SHINee members a lot through time also. 
I don't have a link for the lace jeans :( Comment if you have one.

That's all for now ~ Next up will be Hoya. :P

Ninillie and Eliza ~ 

Credits: Dr. Martens, Cheap Monday, Givenchy, Horace, Joyrich, KTZ, Unbounded Awe, New Balance

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