90's Miss A?

Let's take a break from all that SNSD and 'I Got A Boy', shall we? ;)
As some of you readers might have noticed, I am a huge Miss A fan! But even though they're my ultimate favourite girl group, they can actually make me think "hmmm...what was that?" sometimes. xD

New Year just passed and with New Year comes all the Gayo Daejun shows! We often look forward to these show, expecting a spectacular show, which beats the former shows several times - isn't that right? :P 
KBS2 went with a "popular music of the 90's" segment which might have been really interesting if you remember K-pop from the 90's ~ I'm not talking about just knowing it...I'm talking about living in the 90's and remember hearing those songs in the radio/seeing performances in TV or listening to the songs online (even though internet in the 90's wasn't something all too common). 
Sadly I'm not one of those people so most of the music and/or concepts kinda bored me...

Back on topic! Miss A participated in that "music from the 90's" segment with the song 'YaYaYa'. Many, apparently, thought Miss A was going to perform T-ara's 'YaYaYa' but that wasn't the case ~

Jia wore the Lipstick and Bullet Skirt from Fleamadonna paired with the Heart Blouse (I'd call it a shirt though...) also from Fleamadonna and their S/S 2012 collection.
I couldn't find a picture of the exact skirt, so went with the matching top instead. 

Kara's Seungyeon has worn this skirt also ~ 
(credit to Fleamadonna's blog for this "tip")

No buy link for the blouse (out of season) nor the skirt. 

Suzy was in the Love Volume Dress also from Fleamadonna. 
It's from their S/S 2012 collection, so it's out of season and there's no buy links for it. :( It's super cute though, right? 

Lastly we have Min, who was spotted wearing this adorable CH x GY Reversible Skirt from Fleamadonna!
I think it's super cute but it just REALLY doesn't match to that top, which also is from Fleamadonna and is called Love Knit Top but I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. D:  
You can get the skirt right here for 196,000 won.

No finds on Fei from this performance. 

I really didn't like this performance...Cute doesn't really suit Miss A. They seem uncomfortable somehow. xD And I know the clothes are supposed to be retro, but I really didn't like Min's styling...Jia's and Fei's rocked though!! :D

Ninillie ~ 

Credits: KBS2, AQ Ent., Fleamadonna

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