SNSD Got a Boy

SNSD is having a comeback! I'm always excited for SNSD's comeback :D They always seem to have awesome fashion, from cute to sexy in a matter of seconds.
On December 21, SNSD pre-released their "Dancing Queen" MV from their 4th album "I Got a Boy".

And this time we have lots of Lazy Oaf finds :D
Remember the Batman Shirt that Hyuna wore at a fansign (click here to refresh your memory)?
Well Sooyoung wore the same shirt ~ See?

Unfortunately it's not available anymore.

Moving on to Taeyeon (spot her in the background hehe).

This is also from Lazy Oaf and is called Patches T-shirt. get it right here!

Next member is Hyoyeon in an adorable dress!

Super cute and colourful, perfect for this MV, right? :D
Buy the Lazy Oaf  I'm In Chains Multi Bodycon Dress here.

And of course some Joyrich in the end!
Can't have a K-pop MV without Joyrich :D This heart pattern is so well-known ~

This time it's Jessica's turn!
What she wore can be bough here - the Joyrich Hyper Heart T-shirt.

Here come's the last one for this post! :D

Lastly we have cutie-pie Sunny wore Joyrich Hyper Heart Legging in Black and Red. 
These are available right here.

More finds coming soon, so keep an eye out for updates!

(heavily edited by Ninillie) 

Credits: SMent, Lazy Oaf, Joyrich

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