SNSD got a boy (2)

Another post on SNSD's upcomming song "I Got A Boy"! There are more coming up, so keep an eye out for some SNSD posts! :D

At the end of the "Dancing Queen" MV the official teaser for "I Got A Boy" begins.
The beginning of the MV is filled with Lazy Oaf and the end with Vivienne WestwoodSM Ent. likes sticking to certain brands in the MVs it seems.

I was able to find these clothes by recognizing the Vivienne Westwood-logo on Yuri's necklaces and also on Sunny's belt!
When I checked her site a new world of SNSD finds just opened up. :D

Their clothes are from Vivienne Westwood's Gold Label S/S 2013 collection. Here's a more detailed break-down of some finds.

Couldn't find the exact same necklaces as those Yuri are wearing here, but these are both from Vivienne Westwood. If you have a buy link or a link to the exact necklaces, do comment! :)

Do you love or hate Sunny's new funky hair? 

Her belt is from Vivienne Westwood. No buy link for this baby either. :C

Moving away from the accessories.
Clothes! That's what we love on this site, right? :D

Seohyun is wearing a dress which is from Vivienne Westwood's Gold Label S/S 2013 collection as mentioned in the start ~

Taeyeon is rocking a jacket from the same collection. 
It looks like a one-piece suit on the model, doesn't it? That would have been kinda cool also, don't you think so? :P

Talking about one-pieces...Jessica is wearing this super sexy one-piece also from Vivienne Westwood's Gold Label collection.

Lastly we have the dancing machine of SNSD - Hyoyeon! Her short dress is, just like the others' clothes, from Vivienne Westwood.

No buy links for any of these babies :( If  you have a buy link please do comment!
I don't even know if these are for sale yet, since it's for 2013's Spring/Summer collection. Hmmm.

(heavily edited by Ninillie)

Credits: SM ent, Vivienne Westwood

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