SNSD got a boy (3)

Here we are with more SNSD posts! :D We already warned you that there are a lot of finds from SNSD this time, so don't complain ~ not that I believe you have any problem with a lot of posts ;)

More Lazy Oaf and Joyrich in the promotional pictures for "I Got A Boy"!
I simply just love these 2 brands.
Seems like we have a "who wore it better?" once again! This time between Hyoyeon and Lee Hi

Who do you think wins? Comment below :D

Buy the Joyrich Broadway Alley Jacket here!

Blue circle lenses...So pretty! Reminds me of F(x) Krystal in "Electric Shock".
I remember seeing this bodysuit from Lazy Oaf and saying to myself "who would wear this?". It seems that Yoona would wear it, and she even looks fabulous in it!

She is pairing it with the Cool necklace from Fleamadonna, a Motor Harley Davidson jacket (which I couldn't find) and also a Chanel belt ~

Buy the Lazy Oaf Spaghetti Arms Bodysuit here

Our next "victim" is Sunny! She looks so different here, doesn't she?
I guess you already recognized this Jeremy Scott jacket right I right? :P
If it's a teddy bear, it's most probably Jeremy Scott. :D

You can buy the Jeremy Scott Bear Hoodie here

Next is Seohyun wearing this crying polar bear T-shirt from Andrea Crews. This was such a hard find...not! I really like her with shorter hair actually ~
Edit: so I checked our mail and saw that Raniamania also sent us a tip for the Andrea Crews t-shirt. So even though we also found it thank you Raniamania for your tip.

Buy the Andrea Crews T-shirt Bear here or here (Thanks for the link, Alec!). I think it's kinda cute, yet creepy...

This was also a "really hard" find. It's not like the brand name is written all over the top, no-no :D
Seohyun is wearing a cropped T-shirt from Boy London!

No buy link for this one...

It seems that we have, again, a "who wore it better?" but this time with Sooyoung
Remember the Wildfox Couture Skeleton Sweater which G-Dragon wore in his "One of a kind" MV (if not click here )?
Well Sooyoung also wore the sweater but the white version.

Buy the Wildfox Couture sweater right here

And now a "who wore it better?" between Taeyeon and Hyuna! They both wore the Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow Heart Eyyed Face Sunglasses.
Hyuna wore the glasses in her promotional pictures for "Ice Cream" and also in the MV.

You can buy the Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow Heart Eyyed Face Sunglasses here.

Hope this compensates for the days we didn't post :D
Christmas is almost here! did you prepare your gifts or are you still missing some?

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