Lime's memories of shoes

This was requested by Jyuuce
I find this request quite interesting, because I'm not sure if we have EVER posted anything on Hello Venus before! Actually, I'm pretty sure this is our very first Hello Venus post! :D
It's weird that we haven't posted on them until now; they wear a lot of pretty clothes, if you ask me ~ Hmmm...
Hello Venus will ALWAYS be "the group with the girl with mint/blue hair" in my eyes :D Almost like Miss A is "the group with the girl with the pink hair" in many people's eyes.  
Didn't Hello Venus just have a comeback by the way? >.<

Blue haired member, Lime, is wearing a super cute T-shirt on the cover of Hello Venus's first album 'Venus'! A very distinctive one also ~ Is her hair still blue?

Honestly; she looks a bit like Kara's maknae Jiyoung on this picture, doesn't she? 

Lime's T-shirt is from Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott. It's known as Shoes Memory Oversized Tee and features many of the shoes designed by Jeremy Scott on behalf of Adidas. 
You can see many of his classic and well-known shoes like the Teddy Shoes and the Rainbow-coloured Wing Sneakers.

This is an oversized tee, so if you didn't want it to be too large, you could either belt it in, fasten it on the back with a safety-pin (only do this if you wear something to cover your back, like a blazer! You don't want to be seen wearing a safety-pin :P), or wear it with skinny jeans to contrast to bagginess of the top :).

Ninillie ~

Credits: Pledis Ent., Adidas Originals, Jeremy Scott, Jyuuce for the picture

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